5 Tips For Assembling & Installing Argos Wardrobes

Apart from the bed, a wardrobe is the most important furniture item your bedroom can ever have. And a good wardrobe must be able to offer suitable and enough storage for your clothes plus other accessories. Besides, it should complement the style of your room and enhance its appearance.

Your budget, space available in your room, and amount of clothes you intend to keep in the wardrobe will influence the type of wardrobe you choose. At Argos, we have a wide range of wardrobes to choose from, each designed in a special way to fit different needs. Some of the brands to expect include:

It’s important to have your unit fit perfectly in your house because this is the only way you will get to enjoy using your wardrobe. If you doubt yourself, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of a specialist as they have the skill, knowledge and experience required to do such a task properly.

Nonetheless, familiarise yourself with the following tips as they are key to ensuring the installation is done in the right manner.

  1. Consider The Room’s Size

Before you purchase and embark on the installation, the size of your room should guide you in choosing the right wardrobe. As we mentioned earlier, wardrobes come in many sizes and shapes and so, knowing the height, width and depth of your room as well as the taking into account the skirting boards and roof will assist you in finding a wardrobe suitable for your room.

  1. Set Aside Enough Space For Assembling

There are different ways to assemble a wardrobe. You can assemble it on the floor and then lift it up to the designated place or you can build it right against the wall. Factors such as ceiling height, available space, and skill will play part in determining which choice is suitable for you.

However, in the event you decide to assemble to assemble it on the floor, bear in mind that you will require enough space to place those huge boxes containing the furniture, undo them, and then assemble the furniture. If the space in the room where the closest is to be fixed isn’t enough, you can assemble it from another room but ensure that the door space to the room where the wardrobe is to be installed is large enough to let the wardrobe through.

  1. Check Your Parts

Begin by checking your parts to ensure that each required component is present and that there’s nothing missing. This includes bolts, screws, hinges, and so on. After ascertaining that all the required parts and components are available, go ahead and keep them in their respective cases. Don’t disorganise them until it’s time to put them into use.

  1. Get Your Tools Ready

When assembling wardrobes, it’s a good idea to get yourself at least a power tool such as a power screwdriver, hand tools, a hammer, an Allen Wrench set, in addition to the mini tools included with the package.

  1. Follow Instructions

Obviously, there will be a manual included with the package and it will contain steps and other information you should observe while assembling your wardrobe. Make sure you’ve followed every word outlined in the document and if you fail to understand some parts, read ahead or ask the manufacturer to break it down for you.


Evidently, assembling a wardrobe isn’t a task that should be taken lightly. A simple mistake could cost you and leave you with regrets. And given that most of us don’t have the skill and experience to handle such a task properly, it would be best to seek the help of a professional. At Argos, we are ready to provide our help and ensure you have satisfactory results. Talk to us anytime.