This is a type of fabricated furniture that is designed to be easily and quickly put together. It can also be called knock down furniture or ready-to-assemble furniture. Some of the primary advantages of getting this type of furniture is that it very space efficient and is packed flat. It also saves the manufacture money by reducing storage and shipping costs.

Customers can also benefit because the company manufacturing flat pack furniture can pass the savings to you. The quality of this furniture can vary with some companies using high quality materials while others use cheaper materials. When high quality material is used it is mean to be attractive and last a long time but if cheap material is used it is just serviceable without being too attractive.

Even though there are instructions included in the box at times they are not exactly clear as to what gets screwed into what and what screw to use. It can be very frustrating. There are furniture assembly services you can hire to put your new furniture together. If you decide that you want to do the furniture assembly yourself, here is some information that will help to make the job a little easier.

1. First make sure that you have a clear area where you can unpack the pieces and where you can work. You do not want to try to work in the same area where the parts are because something could get broken or the wrong parts could be put together. Make sure that you have a small container to put the screws and hardware in so they do not get lost. Next open the box, and lay all the parts out. Check against the sheet to make sure that you have all the pieces.

2. Read the instructions completely instead of reading and then doing what was said to be done in that step. This does take a little more time but it will help you know exactly what you are doing.

3. Look at the pictures of the screws and hardware and match what you have against the pictures so you know what goes in what because you do not want to try to force the wrong screw into the wrong hole because you could damage the item.

4. Use the right tools, which is usually just a screwdriver .

5. Do not tighten all the screws until you have it all together and then tighten them as tight as they will go.

As you can see it is not that hard to do flat pack furniture assembly but it does take time and patience.

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