Tips for Assembling Ikea Wardrobes

Ikea wardrobes are no doubt a favourite of many and for good reasons. Besides the good looks, they are made out of quality material and offer lots of space. The wardrobes can fit nicely into just about any home because they come in multiple styles to suit different settings.

Besides, there’s a wide range to choose from, including:

Well, all these sounds pretty encouraging but that’s until it gets to that part where one has to assemble and install the wardrobe. Many people hate this. The weight plus the size could be really discouraging to a person with little to no experience.

There’s also the confusion where, for instance, one is never sure whether to assemble the closet on the floor then lift it up or just build it against the wall to avoid having to worry about scraping the ceiling when lifting it up.

All the same, should you decide to do it on your own, you will definitely require the help of another person to do the assembling, in addition to learning a few skills to ensure you perform the tasks in the right manner.

Alternatively, you can seek the help of a professional. This will save you time, effort, and frustrations while ensuring the assembling and installation are done properly and in an efficient manner.

Nevertheless, today we’ll share important tips you should consider while assembling Ikea wardrobes. Having them in mind is a sure way to make the process manageable.

  1. Create Enough Space

Those large brown boxes need lots of open floor space to be undone and the furniture inside to be assembled. If the available space is small, chances are you’ll kick some of the parts around and end up losing some. Besides, it’s best to do the assembling in the room where the wardrobe will be fixed. But if there isn’t enough space for that, do it from a different room. However, make sure the door is large enough let the closet through when you are done with the assembling.

  1. Keep a Count of the Items and Components

Before you begin to put your closet together, it’s important to take note of all the parts plus pieces. Store them in their respective bags and don’t interfere with them until you need to use them. You can use a tray to organize your parts and pieces and to prevent them from getting misplaced.

  1. Gather the Necessary Tools

The instructional manual will list the tools you are going to need. Make sure to include a power screwdriver, plus Allen wrenches.

  1. Follow the Instructions

Have a closer look at the instructions as this will help you to organize the parts properly. Thereafter, follow the steps outlined in the document and if something fails to make sense, read ahead as this will help you understand things better.

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Other tips to keep in mind include:

Clearly, assembly and installation of Ikea Wardrobes isn’t like every other DIY task. Mistakes in this process could be costly, not to mention that you can’t do it alone. Chances are you will need professional help and at….we’ll be glad to work together with you in ensuring all the tasks are done properly and your Ikea wardrobe lives up to your expectations.