When you’re looking for new furniture items for your home a very cost effective method to consider is flat packed furniture. This type of furniture offers many advantages, primarily on price, but also has a number of disadvantages. Before you consider purchasing flat packed furniture consider the three points below and it will hopefully help you make a more informed decision.

1. The first and perhaps most important consideration is that this type of furniture is self assembly so you’ll have to put it together when it arrives. You’re going to need certain tools to do this and also probably wood glue. If you’re not too technically able, don’t have the tools, or are not too great at following the supposedly simple instructions that come with the furniture it’s all too easy to end up putting it together incorrectly.

2. The next thing to consider is that most types of self assembly furniture comes in the form of MDF which can have a number of problems. MDF is essentially man made wood and as such is cheap to form into shapes such as boards for furniture etc. The problem with MDF is that should you fail in point one above you’ll probably have to take the furniture apart and put it back together and this can lead to problems. The joints and connections are not a solid as normal wood and will wear much easier so can quickly become loose and cause the furniture to become unstable.

3. Finally, the third point to consider is if you’re likely to need to move the furniture. As mentioned above MDF isn’t well suited to being taken apart and you may find that once assembled the furniture isn’t leaving the room it’s in without being taken apart. What you’ll end up with is unstable furniture that you may need to buy extra supports for or worst of all throw away and buy something else. For more information you can call us 01157 365990 or email us info@flatpackpronottingham.co.uk and you can also visit our website at https://flatpackpronottingham.co.uk/.